pro forma income statement example

Here you can enter your projected values for each and every element, like sales, cost of sales, etc. Since you have set up the formulas you can see the real-time changes in the net income. These assumptions can be off by a little or a lot, but the bottom line is their outcomes should not be weighed too heavily in decision-making without other indicators to back up the assumption.

It may be tempting to think of a pro forma statement as the same as a business budget. Pro forma statements don’t need to meet the strictest accounting standards, but must be clearly marked as “pro forma” and can’t be used for things like filing taxes. Using pro forma statements that aren’t marked as such to misrepresent your business to investors, the IRS, or financial institutions can be penalized by the Securities and Exchange Commission). In money accounting, professional pro forma refers to a report of the company’s earnings that excludes uncommon or nonrecurring transactions. Excluded expenses might embody declining investment values, restructuring prices, and changes created on the company’s record that fix accounting errors from previous years.

How to Create a Pro Forma Balance Sheet

Risk analysis lets you take the future for a test ride, and try out different outcomes. All that’s left is to fill in the blanks to make the template unique to the situation. Pro Forma Income Statement refers to the Projected Income statement by using assumptions and special Projections by analysts.

Often, the difference between a past balance sheet and a pro forma balance sheet is that the pro forma balance sheet reports additional periods, sometimes even interim figures. Public companies that prefer to use a condensed combined balance sheet can use this template to create their own condensed balance sheet. A normal balance sheet covers two years, but it is reasonable for a pro forma balance sheet to cover four years of operations. Pro forma financial statements incorporate hypothetical numbers or estimates. They are built into the data to give a picture of a company’s profits if certain nonrecurring items are excluded. A pro forma income statement uses the pro forma calculation method, mainly to draw the attention of potential investors to specific numbers when a company issues its quarterly earnings announcement.

Examples of Pro Forma Financial Statements

Most businesses have limited resources, and pro forma reports can help you make better decisions with what you have. The pro forma income statement shows a company’s expected revenue and expenses. It illustrates what a business’s income would look like if they exclude certain costs. The most common are the pro forma income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement. In the following lines of this article, we will see the definition of the pro forma income statement, its purpose, how to create a pro forma statement.

pro forma income statement example

The second section, Operating expenses, includes the costs of running the business. Hopefully, these costs are necessary, but they aren’t directly involved in producing or delivering goods or services to customers. The first section, Costs of goods sold, includes the direct costs of producing revenue. Without the expenses in this category, we simply couldn’t offer goods or services to customers. In the image above, we can see that variable costs are a relatively small percentage of total costs because we’re not selling much. On the other hand, our fixed costs stay the same no matter how much we’re selling.

Pro Forma Income statement Basic Format

The objective is to facilitate the analysis of an investor seeking to assess the future of a company on the basis of comparable elements. The articles and research support materials available on this site are educational and are not intended to be investment or tax advice. All such information is provided solely for convenience purposes only and all users thereof should be guided accordingly. Go a level deeper with us and investigate the potential impacts of climate change on investments like your retirement account. If a company purchases stock, they are paying money out and a cash outflow is recorded. If they sold the stock and made a profit, the cash is considered an inflow.

pro forma income statement example

Each person should consult his or her own attorney, business advisor, or tax advisor with respect to matters referenced in this post. Bench assumes no liability for actions taken in reliance upon the information contained herein. Pro forma is actually a Latin term meaning “for form” (or today we might say “for the sake of form, as a matter of form”).

Example pro forma income statement:

There are several different types of financial statements that a company will create to understand how well they are performing financially. Therefore, there are many types of pro forma financial statements that a company can prepare for future reference. Each type of pro forma financial statement will be further discussed in detail; such as the pro forma cash law firm bookkeeping flow statement, pro forma income statement, and pro forma balance sheet. To ensure that financial statements are reporting accurate information for public use, they have to follow generally accepted accounting principles, or GAAP. GAAP are strict guidelines that all businesses must adhere to in the United States when preparing their financial statements.