It redirects the home page of the browsers installed on your Mac to or Patti Croft is a freelance writer who specializes in all things technology. Her expertise includes antivirus software, online security strategies, and safety practices. She has a degree in Computer Information Systems and extensive experience working in the IT field. In her spare time, Patti is an avid reader and researcher, and loves spending time with her pets. She currently shares an office with her cat, Beau. If your search queries are unintentionally redirected to Yahoo, it might be caused by malware known as Browser Hijacker.

In the preferences window select General tab and make sure that your homepage is set to a preferred URL, if its altered by a browser hijacker – change it. Right-click on the Start icon, select Apps and Features. In the opened window search for the application you want to uninstall, after locating it, click on the three vertical dots and select Uninstall. Windows users can refer to this article explaining how to uninstall programs in Windows, while macOS users can refer to this guide explaining how to uninstall programs on a Mac. Additionally, you can remove all other search engines, except Chrome, from the list if they become defaults. Thanks to this fix, you can expect Yahoo to stay out of your web browser for many days.

Experian Website Loophole Allows Hackers to Access is Acton safe Credit Reports for Unknown Amount of Time

Discord has to update often because the Discord team implements new features and bug fixes regularly. This error originates from an invalid call to bulkDelete(). Make sure you are inputting a valid Array or Collection of messages or a valid number. In conjunction with the previous error, this error results from calling EmbedBuilder#addFields() with a field object’s value property as an empty string. You can use a zero-width space if you would like this blank. This error originates from calling EmbedBuilder#addFields() with a field object’s name property as an empty string.

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Your Uninstaller is a special application that can remove any application, including all its files and registry entries. Unlike typical apps, the Discord desktop app runs from the AppData folder itself. Each version of Discord is treated as temporary, with an update file ( update.exe ) running first to ensure the latest version of Discord is installed automatically. Once the Discord AppData folder has been deleted, Discord will automatically regenerate a new set of configuration files, forcing you to log in with your Discord user account again. This should solve the problem for many users, but if it doesn’t, you will need to try one of the additional steps below. After it finished installing that update file I was able to start it up successfully again – still not resolving my first issue, the missing top bar with window buttons.

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I’m not sure if this is common or not, but whenever I open certain kinds of files with a specific program, all those files show the icon of that program. Like if I open a txt or docx with a specific program, they will all usually take that programs icon on as their own, until I open it normally again.

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The app has a simple interface that allows selecting the type of junk files you want to clean. You can delete junk files related to unnecessary repositories, bash configuration files, and the GNOME desktop on your system. If you are a new user, you might find it hard to uninstall apps on your computer. Stacer’s uninstaller feature helps detect the installation packages and uninstalls them with an interactive GUI.