Debtors or Receivables Turnover Ratio Formula Significance

The number of days debtors took to make the payment is computed by multiplying the fraction of accounts receivables to net credit sales with 365 days. Moreover longer the average collection periods, larger are the chances of bad debts. To improve the debtors turnover ratio, a company can reduce the amount of sales returned by […]

Find Bank Account Number Digits, Routing Numbers of Bank in United States

Customer Support Executive has taken request and when I asked them do I require to send a written mail, she said that there is no NEED. On 20th Jul 2016, I received an SMS alert from HDFCLife to keep sufficent balance in the bank towards renewal premium payment. Then I immediately sent out a mail […]

Healthcare Sector Stocks Invest in Healthcare Stocks in india

Contents Top Companies in India by Market Capitalization – BSE Summary – Should I Invest in Healthcare Stocks India’s Top 3 Smallcap Stocks Revealed Medical Tech Stocks Enter Your Details Bank strategists have also been upbeat on health care, as long as the uncertainties in the market remain. Investing in healthcare is relatively low-risk and […]

How to earn money from forex?

The left currency in a currency pair is known as the base currency and the right currency is the quote or counter currency. Charts reveal the movement of a base currency compared to a quote currency. If the price on a chart rises, it means that the base currency has strengthened against the quote currency, […]

LimeFX Review FULL Is LimeFX a scam?️

Contents Which Trading Platforms Are Supported By LimeFX Broker? Exclusive: LimeFX launches, replacing EverFX Trading Conditions Apply to deactivate the company LimeFX Withdrawal Methods – How To Withdraw Money? They are a regulated company, competitive fees, 24/7 customer support, great content and instant trade execution with their trading platform. This website includes information about cryptocurrencies, […]

RoboForex Review 2023: Is This the Right Broker for You?

They also compensate clients commission for funds withdrawal twice a month. VPS’s can be accessed via desktop, laptop or mobile devices at the same time. To qualify for a free VPS, clients need to maintain an account balance of at least $300 and produce a monthly trading volume of at least 3 standard lots. […]

Smart investment with Algorithmic trading strategies & system

Contents What programming language does this program use? Temporarily Out of Stock Online Post Graduate Program in Algorithmic Trading Course Online Advanced execution protection Nitesh Khandelwal discusses how to use one of the most popular algorithmic trading strategies Quantitative strategies don’t need any help from Technical Analysis for we are looking basically at numbers and […]

Using Leverage to Win Big in Foreign Exchange Trading

The biggest risk when trading with leverage is that it amplifies losses when the market goes against you. Leverage may require minimal capital outlay, but losses can be substantial because trading results are based on the total position size you are controlling. Margin, also known as leverage, can boost an investor’s buying power and flexibility, […]

What is Android OS?

Contents Applications The first known use of android was Android Multimedia Android versions Your phone stays safe with built-in security. This brings Google-branded products to Android, including the Google Play Store, Gmail, YouTube, etc. However, during the later development of the OS, Rubin realized that smartphones were the future. He decided to revamp it as […]